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The Christmas Surprise

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The Christmas Surprise

Early in December, a guy at church said to Duane & I, “I feel like God has something really special for you this Christmas. He is going to bless your family with a really cool surprise.”

We were hoping for land for YWAM Bend, or our own house, or a million dollars. Christmas came and went and nothing extraordinary happened. That in and of itself was wonderful. It was our first Christmas that Duane & I were together and healthy and not returning from some long trip.

Then we realized we had been given the most valuable gift in the whole wide world: Life! A new little human life.

IMG_3668If I had done a pregnancy test on Christmas day, it would have been positive. But I had been tracking my cycle and knew there was no way I could possibly be pregnant. So I wrote a blog explaining why now was a bad time to be pregnant. In retrospect, I think I wrote it so people would stop asking “when are you having another baby?” so I could stay in denial longer.

2 weeks later, things were concerning enough to do the pregnancy test, and it was positive. I was shocked. Duane was shocked. How did that happen? I don’t know. We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and confirmed there is indeed a baby in there, due to be born around Sept 4th! Apparently God thinks know is a good time to be pregnant, and is working overtime to disprove all my reasonings.

IMG_3600With Monkey, within 3 days of knowing she existed, we had told everyone. The main reason was because I had been planning on leading a outreach team to India, but I didn’t want to risk getting more parasites while pregnant, so we had to tell people why I wasn’t going to India.

This time we kept the baby a secret for almost 2 weeks! Living with 4 other adults, it was fun to know something they didn’t know, and see how long we could go without slipping up. The first week, there was a lot going on anyway – we had company visiting, and were all getting ready to go to a YWAM Leader’s Forum. The 2nd week, we were out of town anyway.

IMG_3645Ok, the secret was fun for me, but torture for Duane. Every night he would fall into bed saying, “this is so hard, I feel like I’m going to accidentally say something at any moment.” I responded, “I talked to both of my sisters on the phone today and I was hard not to say anything about the baby.” Duane was shocked I hadn’t told them. I was pretty proud of myself for doing such a good job keeping a secret.

Once we got back from the YWAM conference, we called our families, and told our housemates, and have been slowly telling our friends too. It’s always more fun to share the news in person (or over skype or phone),

Becky is wife to Duane, mama to "Monkey-girl" and baby "Lioness" aka "PipSqueek." She is the administrative powerhouse for YWAM Bend and keeps our team grounded and organized. Her hope is to inspire and encourage other mamas in their journey to raise healthy, thriving families.
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