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3 ways to sustain focus while pioneering

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3 ways to sustain focus while pioneering

Pioneering and living in our modern world of fast paced cycles and constant changes can leave you discombobulated!

Living in a constant flux of travel, new activities and continuous things that need to be done sometime leaves me in a mix of anxiety, cloudy head, or just plain uncertainty of what to do with myself in the moment. I have had many a moment where I don’t know what to do, my head starts racing, and my emotions go wild.

I am finding a certain mix of things can help me maintain my focus and capacity to continue even when there is high stress and uncomfortable circumstances.

Remember where your focus goes energy flows. Don’t loose your day’s capacity to the things which seek to steal your energy. Don’t loose your mind to the brain drain; practice these habits and gain more brain capacity to do the things you are passionate about.

1. Create a routine.

A startup involves pioneering under conditions of extreme uncertainty. While building the foundation for the ministry of Youth With A Mission in Bend, OR I have had many moments where I feel lost with uncertainty and brain drain. I would get lost in what to do next. In the midst of pioneering I have found some saving grace in having a morning routine.

If you struggle to keep focused in constant change, try to keep somethings unchanged. I have chosen some simple habits to practice every morning. I attempt to wake up before my wife and child to immerse myself in kickstarting my day for awesome productivity! I make a killer cup of coffee, read the Bible, speak out my passion statement, pray and exercise every morning.

Ask yourself the question, How am I going to be excellent today?

2. Meditate and tune into God

We often forget to take time to tune everything out and focus on God. This has been called soaking, meditation, bible study etc. In the Bible David went through extreme uncertainty, fleeing, and hiding out in caves. Yet his meditation kept him focused and helped fight off the brain drain.

“I will remember the deeds of the Lord;
yes, I will remember your wonders of old.
I will ponder all your work,
and meditate on your mighty deeds”
Psalm 77:11-12

His meditation brought his focus back onto the things which mattered.

Take a moment to recognize the breath of life breathed into you, or perhaps fill your mind with wonder of something beautiful. The mindfulness of your focus will fill you with renewal to continue amidst uncertainty. Let meditation reenergize your mind, and quench the brain drain.

3. Do activities you love.

When I hit brain drain, it helps to get away from the hubbub of activity and conversation around me and step into something which removes focus from the list of what needs to get done. Step into the zone of timelessness which makes you forget the uncertainties going on. Immersion into your favorite activities can bring you from anxiety to bliss just because you changed your focus.

The other day I was consumed with anxiety of raising finances for the ministry and at a lose of what to do. I took myself away from mental brain drain and did something I love; – by spending a couple hours at the local rock climbing gym.

Remember the things you love to do for fun, and do those when you need to regain your focus. Your brain drain will turn into a brain full of all the right chemicals you needed to get motivated to press on, no matter the struggle with uncertainty.

What do you do to maintain focus amidst uncertainty and struggle?

Duane Zingale is the development coach and chief of operations for YWAM Bend. He has been in Leadership in YWAM for 8 years serving initiatives in China and India. He loves consulting and coaching leaders to catalyze and ignite their visions into reality. He teaches, consults and coaches in leadership, entrepreneurship, pioneering, operations, the cloud, fundraising, marketing & branding.
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    Thank you for posting! I want to keep my mind in good shape, and being reminded today is encouraging.

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