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Mindsets that keep you tenacious when feeling out of control

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Mindsets that keep you tenacious when feeling out of control

Sometimes when leading and pioneering something happens that is unexpected and leaves you feeling out of control. Our thoughts can be toxic and destroy us, or they can be full of life fueling our tenacity and resilience.

I was out for an adventurous spring mountain bike ride which turned out to be wild, with unexpected twists. On the outset it seemed it would be a normal spring conditions; inconsistent trail conditions, a few trees down, maybe a couple snowdrifts. Well, all did not go as expected along the journey.

The first leg of the journey presented some annoying challenges, but nothing to send me out of control, just a challenge. There were several snowdrifts to ride over as well as a large number of trees down. The challenge of riding over the snow was vast fun. However, after the climb uphill, we began our journey downhill, when it began to snow heavily on us while we took a snack break in one of many wonderful backcountry huts in our area. Running out of daylight, we decided to scream downhill as fast as we could despite the cold hands and low visibility. It was an exhilarating challenge, pressing against my comfort zone of downhill mountain biking.

Upon my dismay, coming into one of our very fun berms on a favorite trail my back brakes quit. I was suddenly feeling a little out of control about the downhill adrenaline rush. I took the challenge to grow my skills on the bike. I pressed on fast and furious blasting downhill using the front brake for speed control. Well as you can imagine that lead to me flying in the air, over my handlebars, 3 times. After the first time I had to ask myself, am I willing to risk another fall? I embraced the fall as a learning experience to press on and work on bike control without the back brakes.

Leadership and Pioneering will throw unexpected circumstances at us, but how we respond will display our ability to stay the corse. I regularly have the opportunity to be anxious and stop riding onward. I have mindsets which keep me going onward even though things felt out of control and uncomfortable.

1. Keep the vision in focus

I was dreaming about riding all week and was ready to go for a fun spring ride. I had prepared for uncertain trail conditions, picked a trail, and knew the goal. Upon the first snowdrift I could have decided to turn around and call it good, but I had this ride in focus. While pioneering, we have looked out and chosen our vision carefully. It required some planning and dreaming. Now if our brakes fail, we keep seeing the path in front of our view and tenaciously press forward.

2. Embrace the Falls and learn from them

While in leadership I have found myself in a messy fall so many times. It can feel downright discouraging to be laying out wondering, what just happened? Did I just fly over my leadership handlebars? That hurt! These moments of failure were a huge fear consuming me until I learned to shift my mindset. Like getting back on the bike I have learned to be a successful failure. Embrace the fall as a learning experience, by cleaning up the mess and debriefing what happened. These are growth opportunities to stretch your capacity to lead.

3. Have fun with the challenge

I have a wild eye of passion for a good adrenal kick downhill biking. The expressing Joyride epitomizes how I feel about it. The same goes for how I feel about pioneering. There is so much fun in building something from the ground up. Find fun in the challenges you put yourself to, so when the discomfort sets in and all your passion pressure points are pressed, and your can’t help but press harder.

For me pioneering can be like an adventurous spring bike ride. Dreaming of the vision of a fun ride. If I didn’t fall, I would not be getting better and it is a whole lot of fun doing it! Keep the mindset right!

What mindset has kept you tenaciously moving forward when things get out of control?

Duane Zingale is the development coach and chief of operations for YWAM Bend. He has been in Leadership in YWAM for 8 years serving initiatives in China and India. He loves consulting and coaching leaders to catalyze and ignite their visions into reality. He teaches, consults and coaches in leadership, entrepreneurship, pioneering, operations, the cloud, fundraising, marketing & branding.
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