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The GateKeeper

Last night some friends and I got together and read John chapter 10 in the Passion Translation. Reading the Bible in a different translation has helps me see things I never noticed before. For example, I’ve heard countless sermons about the shepherd, but I’ve never even noticed the “gatekeeper.” Is that Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, or what?

the True Shepherd walks right up to the gate, and because the gatekeeper knows who he is, he opens the gate to let him in. And the sheep recognize the voice of the True Shepherd, for he calls his own by name and leads them out, for they belong to him.” John 10:2-3

The gatekeeper reminds me of when Ariasha was in the NICU. In order for Duane & I to visit her, we had to enter through a locked door. I would pick up the phone by door, which rang the receptionist (gatekeeper), and then I would say “It’s Ariasha’s mama, here to see my baby,” and I would be let in.

By the 3rd or 4th time I visited the NICU, I picked up the phone, but before I said anything, the door opened. That when I learned there was a camera by the phone. The gatekeeper saw my face and she knew me. After that, Duane & I started picking up the phone and making funny faces at the camera, (making sure the gatekeeper wouldn’t ever forget us).

Then one time there was a different gatekeeper. She was wondering why I was making funny faces at the camera, but not saying anything. Sorry, not following protocol here…

The gatekeeper didn’t care what my name was, or who my parents are, or my education, or how silly my faced looked on the camera. All she wanted to know was the name of the baby I was going to visit and how I was related. I got into the NICU using Ariasha’s name, because I’m her Mama.

That reminds me of my other Bible study group, talking about praying “in the name of Jesus.” I’m pretty sure there is good spiritual illustration, application, example in this story and if you think hard enough you can figure it out…my brain is running on over-tired Mommy mode, so that’s all folks…

Becky is wife to Duane, mama to "Monkey-girl" and baby "Lioness" aka "PipSqueek." She is the administrative powerhouse for YWAM Bend and keeps our team grounded and organized. Her hope is to inspire and encourage other mamas in their journey to raise healthy, thriving families.
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  • Roy Libby

    I believe the gatekeeper is the Holy Spirit. Your analogy of the NICU was great. You are an awesome momma! Very proud of you. Get c some rest!

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