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God Really does Provide for His Children

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God Really does Provide for His Children

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Duane felt 2016 would be a “year of stability” for our family. As 2015 came to a close, we were settling into a new sense of normal, with Duane working full time, getting out of debt, and me staying home caring for our two girls.

We had just contacted our support team and let them know they could stop sending us finances, when Duane’s consulting job ended abruptly. Suddenly Duane’s time was filled with job applications, resumes, interviews, and frustrating disappointments. It was a scary way to start to our “year or stability.”

While living as full-time missionaries, we had seen God provide for our family over and over. “Where God guides, He provides,” we would say. It’s one thing to believe God would care for us, while we were “serving Him.” But being “normal” people without jobs is scary. There’s no reason for anyone to feel compelled to send special gifts. But it happened anyway. Friends (even ones who thought Duane had a job), sent checks in the mail saying, “I had a Christmas bonus and wanted to give it to you,” or “I’ve been meaning to support you all these years, but never did, so here you go!” or “thanks so much for helping our family in our time of need, here is $500.” It was an incredible confirmation we were following God and He really does provide for all His children, not just the ones who are missionaries.

Mid-March we got our job break-through. Along with launching JobQ, Duane started working weekend nights at a friend’s food cart, and he got part time work at Home Depot. That coincided with my 30th birthday and our trip to Portland for Ariasha’s 6-month check-ups, so all the specialists could “see” the baby. It was a busy week!

On our way home from Portland, Duane’s parents called and said it’s silly we spend so much money on rent, we should buy a house. It’s a great idea, but even being able to rent a house in Bend has been a complete miracle. It would be impossible for us to buy a house. But Duane’s parents wanted us to receive his inheritance now, even though they, and his Grandma are still alive and well.

As we began looking at houses, we quickly realized the only ones in our price range are major fixer-upers or located on very busy roads (not a kid-friend place to live). Finding a great house at the right price would take another miracle.

April 5th, a two-story house went on the market, in the exact area of town we wanted to live. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a garage, fenced yard and covered patio. It was too good to be true, but now WE OWN A HOUSE!

It seems crazy to be so blessed. Having our own home is a huge piece of “stability” we weren’t expecting. We spent 9 years as nomadic missionaries with YWAM, going back and forth to Asia. Duane & I wanted to go to Iceland for our Honeymoon, but instead we moved to India.

In our 5 years of marriage, we lived 9 places (not counting the 3 month road trip living out of a camper-van), but now our we have our very own house! Just in time for our 5th anniversary picture with a picture of our previous anniversary!


Becky is wife to Duane, mama to "Monkey-girl" and baby "Lioness" aka "PipSqueek." She is the administrative powerhouse for YWAM Bend and keeps our team grounded and organized. Her hope is to inspire and encourage other mamas in their journey to raise healthy, thriving families.
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