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How to Design a Legacy that Lasts!

Transition is never easy. Leaving one thing to do another, often plagues young students coming out of school, or leaving their first job, etc. It our hyper fast world, transition is happening far more often and companies change at a rapid pace which means a little bit of chaos for all involved. The current career environment hardly offers a ‘lifetime career’. This leaves us more and more in seasons of transition. Along with other major life events which happen more often, such as moving anywhere in the world for a season, in excitement of helping a good cause. Sometimes these transitions come about unpleasantly, when things don’t work out.

Uncertain about the future, lost in transition, and confused about what was next, and what I really wanted to do post YWAM life, I picked up a book to seek some clarity to figure it out. Thoughts from others often finds us in the right time if we remain open to new ideas.
These challenging seasons offer up opportune moments to discover yourself, become crisp and clear on your identity, and move further into strategic placement into a life of passion. But the caveat is: you have to ask yourself the right questions.

If you want to get somewhere, you have to set a course. Your course direction in life comes by knowing your core life priorities. Who do you want to be remembered by? How do you want to be remembered? What legacy do you long to leave? Season of transition are a great time to ask these hard life questions.

Creating a life of legacy doesn’t come like a pile of ants when you drop some food. Strategizing your life plan and priorities comes about through proven process. The best advice comes from those who are leaving legacies with their own lives, and not some crazy theorist. Two amazing men who are leaving a substantial legacies are Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy. They are empowering heaps of people to create a life which matters. These men are catalysts! They inspire ignition to people’s life dreams like setting fire to an abundant amount of lighter fluid in your charcoal grill. “BOOM!” I recently read their book, “Living Forward,” which presents a solid proven process to create a life plan which will empower you to live forward and leave an impactful legacy.

The book “Living Forward” is a concise package which inspires action. A vision without a plan is just a daydream. When you start “Living Forward”, you begin by clarifying the things which matter. The book is presented in three sections:

In the first section you will dig into ‘understanding your need”

Second, you capture the vision and put a plan into place, to design your legacy, create priorities and set course.

The third helps you create ACTION steps so you make real progress in developing your legacy and ‘keep it alive’

By reading this book, decisions become easier, purpose becomes clear, and passion seems to find you, rather than drifting around looking for passion! It is like putting your very own Northstar in the sky so you can always set course correct along the way.
Don’t delay, ignite your legacy now and join thousands of others transforming their lives!

A life without action is a life of drifting to and fro. Now go spend the best $10 you have ever spent on yourself and empower your life legacy as you begin Living Forward!

Duane Zingale is the development coach and chief of operations for YWAM Bend. He has been in Leadership in YWAM for 8 years serving initiatives in China and India. He loves consulting and coaching leaders to catalyze and ignite their visions into reality. He teaches, consults and coaches in leadership, entrepreneurship, pioneering, operations, the cloud, fundraising, marketing & branding.
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