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Insights amidst the Awkwardness of Unlocking Creativity

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Insights amidst the Awkwardness of Unlocking Creativity

At the Unlocking Creativity workshop, we all drew the picture with charcoal. We drew with our eyes were closed, asking God to guide our hands, as we scribbled blindly. Then we looked at our pictures, in the same way you would stare at the clouds, hoping to find shapes in them. But also asking God what He is speaking to us though this picture we created together.



When I looked at my picture, the two circles stood out to me. Which made me think of kidneys. Or ovaries with a uterus in between, which is kind of weird. But it also looked like elephant ears, face, and a trunk, so I went with that image.

Elephants are my favorite animal, ever since I was pregnant with Lioness. Before we even knew her gender, I had a dream of decorating our children’s room with two cloth tapestries with elephants on them. The cloth was something I had seen in India, which is where Duane and I lived right after we were married.

IMG_4014Right after I had the dream, we went to a street festival. There was a vendor booth with cloths from Asia. I found and purchased the two elephant cloths from my dream. Purple for Monkey and orange for the baby. I journaled about the significance of elephants and my children’s (assigned) favorite colors. We call our children “Monkey” and “Baby Lion.” So decorating their room with elephant wall hangings felt like a good joint theme. 

Shortly after that, we discovered some health concerns with the baby. Duane and I went to the city for a special ultrasound. On the way, we stopped at Chipotle, and walked around the shopping plaza to stretch our legs. 

IMG_4642As we walked passed Carter’s Children’s Clothing Store, we were drawn in to look at baby clothing. We saw a cute hoodie with an elephant on it. It felt significant to purchase matching “coming home from the hospital” outfits for our girls. We fully intended to take our healthy baby home from the hospital while she was still wearing Newborn size clothing.


Tree & Waves

Then I looked at the charcoal drawing through the back side of the paper. I saw a tree trunk and branches, and a wave about to break.

That also made me think of that season before Lioness was born. The doctors were concerned about her ability to breath. It was possible she would need surgery right after birth to save her life. I had several dreams of waves about to crash over me, and would wake up with the lyrics, “it’s your love, wave after wave,” from the Bethel song, “You make me brave.” That became my theme song in that season. Along with IMG_1635the quote, “you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”

So seeing the tree and wave, was a reminder that I am strong and firmly grounded so the waves of storms can’t knock me down. And in the mist of the storms of life, God is faithful to send waves of His love. I can be strong and brave because I’m standing firmly on the Rock.

Sculpting the Scribble

At the workshop, the next step was to take what we saw in our charcoal scribbles, and sculpt it using clay. I though it would be really cool, if I could sculpt a tree trunk and branches which is also an elephant trunk and face and ears. So I started with making just the elephant trunk, head, and ears.

I’ve learned from past experience that sometimes I say things which seem innocent to me, but there’s an alternative meaning, which is kind of dirty. So I have learned to ask myself, “is there a way this could be misunderstood?” As I looked at the elephant truck and face, though the filter of a dirty mind, it looked like a penis. So I made an entire elephant. It would be rather embarrassing to have a penis-looking elephant face on display in my house.

IMG_8203The image of the tree and wave is related to me as a mom. Not to mention ovaries and penis are related to children. So I made a cute baby elephant too. And I now I have a Mama and baby elephant to remind me of everything I just wrote, as well as what God has been speaking to me lately about being a mom.

Becky is wife to Duane, mama to "Monkey-girl" and baby "Lioness" aka "PipSqueek." She is the administrative powerhouse for YWAM Bend and keeps our team grounded and organized. Her hope is to inspire and encourage other mamas in their journey to raise healthy, thriving families.
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