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DIY Softband using Velcro to hold your original block and BAHA

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DIY Softband using Velcro to hold your original block and BAHA

00 ingredientSoftband ingredients

There are several components in order to make a custom softband which is adjustable, so 1-size-fits-all, and make it hold your BAHA hearing aid.

5/8 inch fold over elastic (FOE)

slide adjuster & rings size 5/8 inch.

Velcro – I buy a strip of 5/8 in sew-on velcro and then cut it down to the size I need. About a 1/2 inch.

Your Original Block – you have to cut the headband which came with your hearing aid, in order to remove your original block.

Glue and or a sewing machine or needle and thread to hand stitch.

Lighter  to singe the ends of elastic to keep it from fraying.

Save time and money by ordering a DIY headband kit with elastic, velcro, and slide adjuster from the Baha Bowtique on Etsy.


1) Measure and cut:

  • 22 inches pattern elastic
  • 20 1/2 inches white elastic

02 lighter

2) Singe ends with lighter so they don’t fray.

03 glue

3) Flip pattern elastic over and make glue dots to glue white elastic to the pattern elastic. 

04 glue

(The pattern elastic will stick out about 3/4 inch longer at each end.)

04 slide glue

4) Thread slide adjuster onto the end of pattern elastic and fold over. Glue and / or sew.

06 oring

5) Thread elastic through your original block (I used an O-ring in the picture).

07 slide

6) Fold over and thread elastic through slide adjuster.

Now one side of your original block is attached (I used a ring in the picture).

00 your block velcro

7) Stick (or glue) velcro on the end of the elastic headband.00 your block

8) loop velcro around the other side of the original block. (I used a slide adjuster for the picture)

9) Snap hearing aid onto the original Block.

Here’s a video showing how to put your original block on a velcro headband.

10) Optional:

Instead of threading your original block onto your softband, you can put a plastic ring on the softband.velcro diy

Then use 2 inches of pattern elastic and more velcro to hold the other side of your original block.

velcro original block

To make a Bi-lateral softband

1) Measure and cut for the front/top of the headband:

  • 16 Inches pattern elastic
  • 14 1/2 inches white elastic

Measure and cut for the back of the headband:

  • 9 Inches pattern elastic
  • 7 1/2 Inches white elastic

Do steps 2-8 for the front of the headband

Do steps 2-8 for the back of the headband

Attach the elastic from the front to the o-ring on the back and vice-versa.

Save time and money by ordering a DIY headband kit with elastic, velcro, and slide adjuster.

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