Empowering Communities with Cultural Sustainability

Hi, We are Duane & Becky, leaders & founders of Youth With A Mission Bend, OR. We are empowering communities for cultural sustainability.

We blog to share what we have learned from our experience in founding an organization and what we have discovered through the challenges of energy management in life, travel, and leadership. We think of ourselves as catalysts and strategists. We dream for others to experience well-being in life, restoration of hope, and freedom from economic oppression, and we dare to empower leaders to bring economic development.

  • Duane
    DuaneFounder and Chief of Operations

    I write to catalyze and ignite passions and dreams,  I do this by sharing from my professional insights on leadership, entrepreneurship, economics, travel, and my life passion for self-development. I help coach, consult, & mentor the personal identity and life passion for young adults.

  • Becky
    BeckyAdministrative Powerhouse & Mama Extraordinaire

    I write about adventures in parenting, as well as what I have learned about food allergies and fighting human trafficking. My hope is to inspire and encourage other mamas in their journey to raise healthy families.

Duane's Story

My career has been spent in various forms of organizational leadership, entrepreneurship, economic development, ministry, operations, coaching, and consulting. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, I grew up an avid adventurer and climber. My initial career goal was to globe-trot and backpack the world as a vagabond.

At 16 I embarked upon traveling aspirations to China to volunteer teaching english for 3 weeks. This began a life passion to work internationally. My travels have lead me to China, Tibet, India, Thailand, Australia, and East Timor  giving a vast experience communicating and leading in challenging situations.

Upon completing my Bachelors in economics, I joined my mentor to entrepreneur CEO Global USA. We established international camps empowering future leaders of integrity among Chinese and American university students and underprivileged youth of China. Travel broadened my perspective, ingrained a deep appreciation for culture, and served as a catalyst for leadership, coaching and business operations. I love catalyzing and igniting peoples dreams, creating out-of-the-box solutions, and helping people through self-discovery and self-development.

I have served in various vocational ministry roles from 2007 to 2015. This is where my leadership & pioneering career started. I have been a teacher and consultant in YWAM for those entrepreneuring new ministries. Through these seasons I learned the fundamentals of leading, coaching, business operations, and strategic planning.

I serve as a founder & chief of operations for YWAM Bend. Our purpose is empowering communities with cultural sustainability. We educate leaders with the resources to provide both the physical and spiritual food, shelter, tool, and power both local and global. We are glocal!

I continue to travel and teach and consult on leadership, coaching, operations, and entrepreneurship.

Becky's Story

I graduated from Elim Bible Institute in 2006. I then moved to Idaho, to join the YWAM campus there, because of their focus on North India. I Idaho, I did administration, staffed DTS (Discipleship Training School) and India outreach, and helped lead the School of Apostolic Pioneering (SOAP).

I dreamed of raising my family overseas, while starting a home for young mothers rescued from human trafficking. After three trips (for a total of one year) in India, I experienced multiple battles with parasites, and the aftermath of on-going health issues and food allergies. I thought that was the death of my dream, but through the challenge and pain my dream was being refined. Now my vision is to see hope restored in the lives young mothers as they are empowered to live their dreams, while raising healthy families.

Our Family

We have been married 5 years. We met through the shared interest in travel and ministry. We enjoy rock climbing, biking, a good adventure, as well as board games and getting to know other couples. We have two daughters whom we adore. We have lived in India, Colorado, Idaho and Oregon together in our ministry travels.

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